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  1. Dover 120 Great Flower Paintings Platinum DVD and Book 
  2. Dover 120 Great Paintings from Medieval Illuminated Books 
  3. Dover 1300 Real and Fanciful Animals from 20th Century Engravings 
  4. Dover 1500 Decorative Ornamets 
  5. Dover 3200 Old-Time Cuts and Ornaments by Blanche Cirker 
  6. Dover 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship by Salvador Dali 
  7. Dover Abraham Lincoln Coloring Book by A. G. Smith 
  8. Dover African Designs Coloring Book by Marty Noble 
  9. Dover Ancient Egyptian Designs & Motifs 
  10. Dover Ancient Mexican Designs 
  11. Dover Animal in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge 
  12. Dover Antique Playing Card Designs 
  13. Dover Art Nouveau Frames and Borders 
  14. Dover Art Nouveau Motifs 
  15. Dover Ballet Class Coloring Book by John Green 
  16. Dover Braun & Schneider's Historic Costume 
  17. Dover Cherub Illustrations 
  18. Dover Chinese Folk Designs 
  19. Dover Christmas Designs 
  20. Dover Classic Children's Book Illustrations 
  21. Dover Classic Full-Color Illuminated Borders 
  22. Dover Classic Tatting Patterns by Anne Orr  
  23. Dover Classic Tattoo Designs  
  24. Dover ClipArt - Nature Stencil Designs  
  25. Dover ClipArt - Oriental Designs  
  26. Dover ClipArt - Victorian Designs 
  27. Dover Cowboy Western Cuts 
  28. Dover Decorative Christmas Illustrations  
  29. Dover Decorative Floral Designs and Motifs  
  30. Dover Decorative Silhouettes  
  31. Dover Egyptian Designs 
  32. Dover Elegant Floral Designs  
  33. Dover Elegant Tatting Pattern by Janet Carroll 
  34. Dover Elegant Tatting Patterns
  35. Dover Empire Design 
  36. Dover Evolution and Creationism by Christian C.Young
  37. Dover Favorite Flowers 
  38. Dover Floral Bouquets
  39. Dover Floral Design 
  40. Dover Floral Embroidery Designs
  41. Dover Flowers 
  42. Dover Food and Drink by Jim Harter 
  43. Dover Frames 
  44. Dover Fruits and Flowers 
  45. Dover Full-Color Fruit Crate Labels
  46. Dover Full Color Medieval Ornament
  47. Dover Full-Color Allover Patterns
  48. Dover Full-Color Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs 
  49. Dover Full-Color Celtic Frames and Borders 
  50. Dover Full-Color Romantic Vignettes  
  51. Dover Gibson Girls 
  52. Dover Great African Americans Coloring Book by Taylor Oughton 
  53. Dover Haeckel's Art Forms from Nature  
  54. Dover Hahn Monica - Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns 
  55. Dover Hands A Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth-Century Sources 
  56. Dover Historic Costumes From Ancient Times to the Renaissance 
  57. Dover Historic Textile Designs 
  58. Dover Holiday Vignettes
  59. Dover Human in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge
  60. Dover Jan Sovak Dinasaur
  61. Dover Japanese Designs 
  62. Dover Kate Greenaway Illustrations 
  63. Dover Leonardo da Vinci Treasury  
  64. Dover Letters & Alphabets 
  65. Dover Linden Rozella Florence - Easy Tatting 
  66. Dover Medieval Design
  67. Dover Medieval Illustrations 
  68. Dover Mythological and Fantastic Creatures
  69. Dover North American Indian Motifs
  70. Dover Offsight Arts V.1 
  71. Dover Old-Fashioned Christmas Illustrations
  72. Dover Old-Fashioned Floral Designs 
  73. Dover Old-Fashioned Silhouettes 
  74. Dover Old-Time Circus Cuts 
  75. Dover Old-Time Romantic Vignettes in Full Color
  76. Dover Old-Time Toys, Dolls and Novelties
  77. Dover Old-Time Vignettes in Full Color 
  78. Dover On Drawing Trees and Nature
  79. Dover Op Art and Illusions 
  80. Dover Plant and Floral Woodcuts
  81. Dover Plants by Jim Harter
  82. Dover Plants & Flowers as Ornament
  83. Dover Redoute Flowers and Fruits 
  84. Dover Renaissance and Baroque Ornaments
  85. Dover Russian Ornament of the Tadjik 
  86. Dover Seashore Life Illustrations
  87. Dover Sunderman Vida - Tatted Snowflakes
  88. Dover Tatting Doilies & Edgings by Rita Weiss 
  89. Dover Tatting Hearts - Dusenbury Teri  
  90. Dover Tatting Patterns by Julia E. Sanders 
  91. Dover Tatting with Anne Orr  
  92. Dover The Tatter's Breasure Chest
  93. Dover Traditional Stained Glass Designs
  94. Dover Treasury of Flower Designs
  95. Dover Trees and Leaves
  96. Dover Victorian Fashions
  97. Dover Victorian Monograms
  98. Dover Vintage Christmas Cards
  99. Dover Whimsical Animals Illustrations
  100. Dover William Morris Designs 


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